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Cadomotus Alpha aerospeed schaatshelm
Cadomotus Alpha aerospeed schaatshelm Cadomotus Alpha aerospeed schaatshelm Cadomotus Alpha aerospeed schaatshelm

Cadomotus Alpha aerospeed schaatshelm

Merk: Cado Motus
Model: Cadomotus Alpa aerospeed Schaatshelm
Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad
Prijs: €99,50

Cadomotus Alpha aerospeed schaatshelm

De eerste schaatshelm specifiek ontworpen voor het marathon, langebaanschaatsen én shorttrack schaatsen. De Cádomotus Alpha Aerospeed helm is de lichtste en mooiste schaatshelm / shorttrack helm! Optioneel is bij de Alpha Aerospeed schaatshelm ook een vizier in drie kleuren en een aero shell in 10 kleuren!


World’s first helmet designed specifically for longtrack ice speedskating
(Approved according ASTM F-1849-07 standards)

  • Aerodynamic efficiency without compromising safety
  • Securely fastened aero shield for venting conversion
  • Complies with ISU rules for shorttrack helmets
  • 7 vents allow for effective airflow channeling
  • Safety and speed in 7 stylish colors
  • only 235g

FITTING SYSTEM ensures free movement of the skaters' head, better than many non-skate specific helmets. Circumference and vertical adjustments ensure optimal economy and freedom of motion. Different padding configurations and our ultralight design wrap all shapes and sizes of heads in a comfortable, customized fit every time.

REMOVABLE AERO SHIELD Add the shield on outdoor marathons for protection from rain or cold. Detach the shield when racing in an indoor ice arena and get extra ventilation for your head. Or detach the shield and use the helmet for inline or road cycling, taking advantage of the cooling airflow created by the five minimized air vents.

RACE PROVEN, PODIUM VALIDATED The best marathon ice teams have subjected the Marchese speedskating helmet to intensive testing on the circuit. In a relatively short testing period, more victories and podium places have been captured wearing this helmet than with any other helmet in the sport.

MULTI-SPORT The Marchese speedskating helmet is great for other sports where aerodynamics matter; like shorttrack, inline speedskating, or road cycling (EN 1078 approved). This is a serious helmet made to be put to use, in training, in racing, in winning, every day.



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